Neewer Q-600N 600w bowens mount studio strobe

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Neewer Q-600N 600w bowens mount studio strobe

Disclaimer: I'm an amateur with minimal studio strobe experience. I am sharing this in case anyone is considering purchasing one of these strobes.

I usually purchase better gear (that lasts longer), however as strobes can be expensive, and i wanted to experiment with them rather than make a living using them, I decided to risk it and purchase one of these used from amazon (for £100; usually $125).

First impressions: substantial size, feels somewhatcheap, as expected, digital display in decimals "Power Output: 60 steps from 2.0 to 8.0 in 0.1 increments" - one of the reasons I tried this strobe compared to the godox ones (which usually have a range of 1/16 to 1/1).

On turning it one it emitted quite a loud fan noise, which I found odd. I searched around for reviews (there aren't many) and apparently there shouldn't be a loud fan noise on switching it on, which made me think this was a dud.

I have a few godox receivers and transmitter and a godox flash, so was originally looking for a godox strobe, however at half the price the neewer was worth a try. Plugging in a receiver with a sync cord and using them triggered the strobes 100% of the time, and it also fired with the "cell" function on (light triggered slave mode). The display is bright and the knob works well and allows you to change the power quickly.

However I was annoyed with the fan noise so ordered another copy, new this time to see if the fan noise was normal, thinking I would have to return the original. The new copy came and had the same loud fan noise on turning it on, so I thought that this was normal (I assumed more expensive strobes were silent).

However, the power output at 8.0 of the new strobe was 1-2 stops less than the used one (measured with a light meter) so I returned it, and ordered another used strobe, which had the same power output and the same fan noise, thus confirming, to my mind, that for these cheap strobes it was normal

I used these two strobes to photograph some friends (using a 1.8 metre reversed diffused umbrella and 1.2 metre octabox). They worked well, no misfires, good power, couldn't hear the noise with all the bustle and music, photographs were great.

So, I ordered another copy.

This arrived this week and was silent, which made me decide that the first two must be defective (perhaps a circuit had broken which meant the strobes' fan turns on constantly instead of at a certain temperature) and thus there was a higher chance of the strobes failing completely in the future, ie. the internal build quality was generally poor.

Also, the latest, silent strobe, was more powerful than the two previous strobes (by aprox one stop at max power).

I was testing the three strobes when the new, silent strobe, fizzled and stopped working after arprox 5 maximum power fires.

I have returned all three and am now looking at purchasing a couple godox strobes (with new, complicated decisions to be made due to the complicated model line up).

Earlier, I had contacted Neewer to ask if the fan noise was normal. I received two responses from two different people:

1. "The fans turning on means that the overheating protection machenism has been activated, which is one of the star function of the strobe. It doesn't mean that the strobe is faulty. You can fire a flash at high power on the third strobe, then you will see that it's fan will be turned on as well."

2. "We have two versions of the Q600N strobe, one comes with a louder fan. If the strobes with louder fan could still serve you well, could I issue a partial refund for them as compensation?"

As you can imagine, I was not reassured by these two, contradictory emails. The first evaded the fact that the fan turned on when the strobe was turned on, not after maximum power fires, and the second didn't state whether the fan (either the supposed louder of less loud fan versions) are supposed to turn on when the strobe is turned on.

Thus, they are cheap and powerful, though, in my experience, quality control is poor (though this could be as most of the ones I bought were second hand, though the new one I bought was the worst of the lot).

Even if you get a couple of these that have no fan noise, and emit the same amount of light at a certain power level, in my (limited) experience, I would say they have a high chance of failing.

A not unexpected experience considering the price.

Tldr; Avoid.

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