Does auto ISO impact AF performance?

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Re: Does auto ISO impact AF performance?

I Love Furry Animals wrote:

So I'm learning photographing bird. I need to be able to focus on the moving bird as quickly as possible.

Was thinking that the camera might need to "think" more to calculate the right exposure and then going to be slower to focus? Is this even a valid concern? If so, is it camera dependent?

I can't vouch for every camera model, but as someone who has spent time writing software code, I can say that there is no reason for it to take any extra time at all to automate any one parameter vs another.

There isn't a whole lot for the camera to "think" about. No judgement or mulling is used. Hard and fast rules are followed to complete an equation involving metering plus EC bias, shutter speed, f-number, and ISO, and may also include focal length for shutter speed in some situations, and user limits imposed on floating values.

The bottom line is that ISO automation is not necessarily any more computation-intensive than automation of any other parameter.

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