Ninja v for samsung nx1?

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Re: Ninja v for samsung nx1?

GiM_6x wrote:

I apologize for the delay of onee week, but I have just returned from a region where the Internet is still a dream. . .

The fact that NX1 is not mentioned there does not mean that it does not have it.
After all, in the article it says, "Many high-end digital video formats and interfaces use this scheme" and this is not limited to just a few... please see the image below.

I repeat my question: do you have proof that the clear HDMI output of NX1 is 4:2:0 and not 4:2:2 ?
I am referring to software that can accurately analyse and identify the values from the recorded video.
Or a magazine review where the experts have found 4:2:0 instead of 4:2:2 in the NX1 camera.

Until your proof, I will credit Samsung (as manufacturer), DPR (as specialised photo/video magazine), Atomos (other hardware manufacturer who analize the video input) and probably many others who say it is 4:2:2.

Thank you.

The video being put out through the HDMI is exactly the same as what is being recorded in camera, except that it is not compressed. The recorded video is 4:2:0, so the HDMI output uses the same information. What comes out of the HDMI port is nominally 4:2:2 because that is the spec for HDMI, BUT IT IS EXACTLY THE SAME INFORMATION AS THE ORIGINAL 4:2:0. The conversion of the raw video feed to the final video feed takes place in the image signal processor between the sensor and processor, it converts 4:4:4 to 4:2:0. At that point, THEN the video feed is directed to either the HDMI port or the processor for compression. What comes out of the HDMI port will be seen by external devices as 4:2:2 because that is the spec for HDMI, but it is still the same 4:2:0 information.

Let me explain this in terms you would understand. Supposed you have a sack of potatoes (this is your raw video). Then you remove half of the potatoes from the sack, to lighten the load. Now take you sack of potatoes and put in your potato crate (the HDMI port). It will fit just as well as the full sack would have, but half the potatoes won't be there. You threw them away earlier. Now ship the crate off to a potato buyer (your Ninja recorder). Your potato buyer is getting his crate of potatoes, but only half the actual potatoes are in it. That is what is going on when you record on a Ninja. The Ninja thinks it is getting 4:2:2 (the crate) but it is actually getting 4:2:0 (the half empty sack).

The lost color information does not magically reappear just because the video goes through an HDMI port instead of a H.265 encoder, all that will happen is that some pixels will have incorrect color information in them. The external recorder does not know that the pixels have the wrong color, it just assumes that the pixels have the right color because it is from a HDMI port and that is what an HDMI port outputs. Just like you, the recorder has been fooled and deluded by the specs and what it expects from those specs.

Nowhere does Samsung claim that it is real 4:2:2. I have explained to you multiple times how it works, if you think otherwise why don't YOU provide proof. Unless the manufacturer explicitly says that the HDMI color format is something other than what is recorded, it is the same.

In the absence of such evidence we have to assume that the camera does exactly what it says it does, which is output the uncompressed form of the video it otherwise would normally compress.

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