M6 - how it is working in low temp(like -20C and below)?

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Re: M6 - how it is working in low temp(like -20C and below)?

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Question is how M6 working in low temp(like -20C and below) in real life? Going to get that experience just after 3 Jan 2020. Guess it will be just nice except shorter battery life, but asking users - something can be challenging. I remember funny moment in that place when my iPhone 5 claimed about to be too hot and shutted down when in reality it was -40C LOL

I have used a M6 in these conditions and it worked just fine, better than I did. The only real negative is that some buttons and dials are too small to adjust while wearing gloves. Also, the camera does not like to get wet, so be careful of that, too, as you go from indoors to outdoors.


Actually you have to be more careful and patient when coming from out to indoors. Be sure to keep your cold camera and lenses in shut camerabag somewhile, half an hour for example. If you take cold camera straight out of bag, when coming in, mosture condensades to camera and lenses. That may have some not desired results. Going from on to outside does one not to be that careful. Moisture condensates to cooler surfaces, not warmer.

What comes to M6 and freezing conditions, I have had my M6 that long, yet. However my M works just fine, up to -30 degrees. Battery draining is pretty quick thou...

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