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Critical Thinker wrote:

voronspb wrote:

Critical Thinker wrote:

Yeah, the Tamron 17-28 is very plasticky and cheap feeling. But thats intentional because its supposed to be a more affordable wide angle zoom so of course it wont have the much better build quality of the 16-35/4 for example.

The outer shell material and lens weight aren't connected to the lens reliability in any way. Even in seemingly all-metal lens there's more than enough potential failure points - a drop of glue holding some element, or tiny electronic sensor/actuator, or under-designed mechanical part (like in FE70-200GM).

Anyway most modern lenses are all-plastic inside, regardless of outer body material. As an example, E16-50PZ ($300 in retail box) has metal shell which wobbles in relation to the lens mount, and inner barrel wobbles in relation to everything else.

Tamron 17-28 feels cheap by touch, but it's built tightly, with proper tolerances.

Thats exactly what I said, it feels cheap and plasticky.

Also the 16-50 is more like a $50 lens and the build quality is abysmal. Its an entry level kit lens.

I'm going to disagree with you on the "cheap" feeling here.

I'm holding it side-by-side to my GM lenses - yes the plastic feels different, but it definitely doesn't feel cheap.

The construction is very solid, and well put together.

Something like the Canon 35/2 on the other hand, now that's a cheap feeling lens. Big variations in gaps between the plastic, and significant flex when squeezing the lens barrel..

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