Is the Pentax model really important?

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Re: Is the Pentax model really important?

flektogon wrote:

What would you notice is rather different performance of the lenses, like corner sharpness, CA, ugly bokeh.

Some reviewers test lenses on different cameras. I have compared my DA12-24mm on K200D, K-500 and K-3. DXOMark gives the following scores:

K200D and DA12-24mm: 11

K-50 and DA12-24mm: 16

K-3 and DA12-24mm: 15.

When I look at the pictures taken with the DA12-24mm on a K200D the sharpness is quite evenly from corner to corner, whereas on my K-3 the centre sharpness is higher but the edges are slightly less sharp.

Pentax has replaced lenses and its coating. I am still quite happy with my DA12-24mm on my K-3, but for newer models with better sensors it will be less good, I feel.

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