Why is there such a strong bias towards having same-old?

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Why is there such a strong bias towards having same-old?

There have been many threads over the years where people have expressed their preferences regarding cameras. In rather lose, general terms there were 2 camps:

  1. The ones wanting to use what ALL others do/have - but with a different brand name stitched/printed/etched into the top front.
  2. Those who were intrigued by the somewhat different.

I remember Fuji well from those days where they used a Nikon D200, renamed it and put a super-CCD (was that the name??) into it. Accepted value brought to the table: excellent skin tones. Somewhat dubious value was the resolution discrepancies. You take your pick regarding the "perceived" resolution.

In recent years Fuji managed again to ruffle some people's feathers by offering something different. The critics were on permanent standby, running what appeared to be three shifts per day, no week-ends off. The loudest (so it came across to me, sorry if I am wrong here) were advocating (and often enough still are) that:

  • Bayer sensor the way to go (see above category 1)
  • PSAM (see above category 1)
  • Tiltable screen on the X-Pro (there was a lot of noise around the "why not" at the time.
  • The utterly unusable ISO wheel on the X-Pro2 (why not have this in the menus and use a wheel, like all the others??)
  • (2019) the near unusable X-Pro3. What I find fascinating here is to see how many people here are in the "know" either believing those youtubers (strangely similar in their approach on almost all things photography, must not rock the boat otherwise there won't be another freebie in NYC next year!!???)
  • A novelty in 2019 now also attacking advertising of a product. Don't want to re-heat this, but this is also an expression of "dislike" towards Fuji imho, certainly not an approach of endearment.

I think that psychologists would have a field day here to see how the standard run-off-the-mill is being defended by some when the world is in other parts getting more and more uniform.

My question here for those who dislike where Fuji is going in 2019: why not cut them some slack for daring to take a different approach?

But maybe in a divisive world where people drive gas guzzlers, but attack those who fly, Brexit in/out, Trump love/hate it's just another sign of the times.

I for one like that Fuji seems to be one of the few who dares to be different. There are days here when I feel like I am in that smaller than ever minority group.

Same form factor preferred??


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