"Unsupported Library" cannot open my photos stored on an external drive

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Re: "Unsupported Library" cannot open my photos stored on an external drive

terrydev wrote:

RSSrsvp wrote:

terrydev wrote:

Does it list the items?

Just the file name which is "Photos Library".

So, that suggests that you're trying to IMPORT one Photos Library to another. I thought you would be trying to migrate a restored iPhoto Library to Photos. There is no importing involved anywhere in the process.

Terry, if you have a look at the thread I linked you can see that the guy got the same message about can't import because he had dragged what he thought was the Photos Library out of the TM back up with Finder. In reality he had only dragged a TM increment across and tried to open it with Photos app, which complained of course.

This is why I keep asking our OP how he restored from TM and how big his restored Photos Library is. If he has done it correctly it should be 166GB...in which case I am out of ideas except what I said in my first reply about uploading it while in Catalina and downloading in Mojave or High Sierra....that and trying repairing the library with opt+cmd.

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