"Unsupported Library" cannot open my photos stored on an external drive

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Re: "Unsupported Library" cannot open my photos stored on an external drive

RSSrsvp wrote:

Mike Boreham wrote:

Another thought....How did you restore from Time Machine? Did you use the Time Machine interface, initiated by launching the Time Machine app?

Or did you do it with Finder from the TM drive? I ask because I found a thread where the same message occurred because the person restored from TM with Finder. (I didn't read the whole thing but it seems worth asking you how you restored from TM). That thread includes a good explanation why you cant restore from TM using Finder.

What size is your restored from Time Machine Library ? should be close to 166GB?

I restored from TM using a backup that came from High Sierra and not after the upgrade.

It was Jim in Hudson who asked that.....I asked  if you restored with the Time Machine app or Finder, and how big the restored Library is.

The message you got after restoring is the same as the guy who restored using Finder in the thread I linked.

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