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dmanthree wrote:

57even wrote:

I had more issues on some bodies than others, and with some lenses.

I never quite got my 16-35 F4 calibrated on any of my Nikon bodies, but it looked less like the bottom of a beer glass on the D700 than the D800 because of the lower resolution.

I went mirrorless years ago. Perfect sharp focus every time. No worries.

Honestly, that's reason enough for owning a MILC; the total lack of a need to MFA. I owned DSLRS for years, and had to go through that damned process, as well, for most lenses. But my current cam, a Canon R, is spot on for whatever I mount. I'll never go back just for that reason alone.

It's certainly a very compelling reason. Another is that I find EVFs much for effective for manual focus. Even without focus aids, it is possible to see the slight pixillation effect when the subject snaps into focus.

MF on DSLRs was random guesswork, and the focus indication was calibrated as well or badly as the AF.

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