"Unsupported Library" cannot open my photos stored on an external drive

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Re: "Unsupported Library" cannot open my photos stored on an external drive

RSSrsvp wrote:

Mike Boreham wrote:

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terrydev wrote:

The problem here is that your Photos library was upgraded to a v5 library when you went to Catalina. Photos on Mojave is a v4 and the earlier app can't ope the later libraries structure.

I'm sure you had a back up before upgrading from HS, so simply replace the Photos library with the back up and upgrade to v4.

Thanks, I am following your recommendation and replacing the Photos library from the last Time Machine backup done before I upgraded to Catalina right now. I am crossing my fingers that it works.

Update: it was not successful. This is the message I am seeing when attempting to open up the Photos app that I just replaced.

Is that a typo...that you replaced the “Photos app”....you need to restore the Photos library from your TM backup, not the app.

Sorry, I meant Photos Library, not the app.

As I understand it you were on High Sierra, Then you upgraded To Catalina. Then you rolled back to High Sierra, then you upgraded to Mojave.

So the TM version you have is a High Sierra? and it sounds like you are restoring it to Mojave? This should be OK, it should just upgrade the library to be compatible with Mojave.

I have not seen that message before and I have successfully restored a complete Photos Library from Time Machine three times, but always to the same macOS.

One thing you could try is repairing the restored Library by opening it while holding down the cmd+opt keys.

I agree with the suggestion to save a copy of the unsupported library somewhere safe while you experiment.

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