"Unsupported Library" cannot open my photos stored on an external drive

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Re: "Unsupported Library" cannot open my photos stored on an external drive

RSSrsvp wrote:

terrydev wrote:

The problem here is that your Photos library was upgraded to a v5 library when you went to Catalina. Photos on Mojave is a v4 and the earlier app can't ope the later libraries structure.

I'm sure you had a back up before upgrading from HS, so simply replace the Photos library with the back up and upgrade to v4.

Thanks, I am following your recommendation and replacing the Photos library from the last Time Machine backup done before I upgraded to Catalina right now. I am crossing my fingers that it works.

I suggested restoring from Time Machine in the very first reply to this thread. As I said in that post I assumed you hadn't got a TM back up or you wouldn't be asking, so I went on to explain (twice) what the more complicated alternative was. I am a bit surprised that you have only now revealed that you had a TM Backup all along.

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