Best backpack / rucksack for hiking photographers

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Re: Best backpack / rucksack for hiking photographers

Bobthearch wrote:

I've been searching for solutions over the years and have also come to this same conclusion:


Crappy packs not actually made for hiking;

No space for hiking gear and the Ten Essentials;

Inaccessibility to camera gear;

Grossly overpriced bags;

Have to take the pack off to access camera... etc., etc., etc.

The solution I've settled on for the indefinite future, two bags. A daypack / backpack and a shoulder camera bag. I can reach my camera, quickly stow it, browse the bag contents, pull the weather cover on, change lenses... instantly, without fumbling, without taking anything off, and while maintaining complete segregation from water jugs and other hiking gear.

Thanks for the feedback.Yup, a separate bag is also the solution most of our members use (an old LowePro Nova 2 for me) although there are lots of small variations there. For some it doubles as a portable ICU/cube/insert, but when we have lots of lenses on a hike, we tend to either add a second small ICU. Those who also have the Deuter bags I spoke of in my OP tend to use the side bellows pockets since it's a lot easier to access your extra lenses that way.

Would you mind sharing what shoulder cam bag you use?

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