This week with your Sony APS-C Mirrorless Camera 15/november/19

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Re: Nice pictures C.Eaton

Thanks for the kind words.

I was actually competing as well and running around taking images in between taking shots.

I always keep PP to minimum, these were OOC jpgs with just a little levels, vibrance and sharpening. The colours were pretty much what I was seeing on the day with dappled sunlight through leaf cover.

As you guessed these are hi-end PCP air rifles and probably as accurate as possible given the constraints of the 12 foot pound energy law that we have to run to in the UK.

Saying that these rifles will happily put 10 shots into a 10mm (or less) circle at 55yds which for an 8.4gr pellet travelling at about 750fps is pretty impressive. Of course the skill outdoors then is to master the wind and that is what makes this particular sport so appealing.

Cost wise the chap in the green coat with the orange coloured Anschutz 9015 probably has the best rig here. That rifle is heavily customised and would be about £4k. The March scope sitting ontop is about £3k, throw in mounts and other accessories and there's about £8k sitting there and this particular gentleman has three of those rifles for competition...;-)

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