80D, M6 Mark II, or RP?

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Re: 80D, M6 Mark II, or RP?

Joshpls wrote:

I'm stuck trying to decide which camera to buy for my first purchase. I currently was gifted two lens' from my friend (EF 17-40mm f/4L USM Lens, EF 50mm f/1.4 USM Lens) and Zomie z669c Tripod. I have watched 100's of review's and I'm torn between the three. I keep going back and forth on what I should pick.

I have ~$1000 to spend, a little over if need. I mainly will be using the camera for landscape photography as I love to Hike/Trek all over the world. Just came back from Banff National Park. I don't really care about video, but it's nice to have if I need.

Two of my friends are telling me to stick with the 80D as my first purchase to get a feel for the DSLR, weatherproof, and overall a decent camera. Then to upgrade later when mirrorless is more fleshed out with Canon or switch to Sony Mirrorless. And use the remaining total into investing in more lenses. Concern though is that it's too heavy, outdated, etc.

If I buy the m6m2, I'll need to buy an EF Adapter, and EVF. Putting me roughly $1,150 which is stretching my budget. Also, concerned that the EVF is going to be annoying/ bulky and the camera won't be weatherproof, and of course the battery life.

With the RP, I would need to buy an adapter, it's not weather-sealed, and battery life.

Without writing out all the pros/cons that I see on review sites, what camera / route would you recommend?

**The Canon 90D is starting $1200 which is over my budget, but I guess that's a contender too.

The lenses you have are perfectly good glass for the tasks you have in mind. However, they will only fulfil that role with a FF sensor - APS-C will leave you with odd focal lengths for the photography you want to do. My advice would be to dispense with the 80D and M6ii for the above reasons and purchase either: the RP with an adapter if you like the idea of mirrorless, or my preferred option, the 6D mark 2 which is a very good tool for the type of photography you have expressed an interest in.  The latter is a bit over budget, but maybe a well looked after used model from a reputable dealer might be appropriate, or you can save a bit and spend a bit more on what would be a much more suitable tool.

Good luck.

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