D700 VS D610 VS Fuji S5 highlight and burned image test.

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P40+ vs D800

CBR1100XX wrote:

I've owned all of em (well a D750 but close enough) and this lines up with my experiences, though that being said I feel the D750 has the most flexible RAW files of the 3 just you shoot it differently. Basically you switch your bias from a slight overexposure to underexposing by an even larger amount if needed.

Disclaimer: this is my opinion, you can shoot in any way you want.

IMO, although what you say is true, these modern CMOS are indeed impressive in shadow lifting, I'd add a bit about that.

Yes, they're impressive considering what you're asking them, bringing up information in the areas lacking signal, but let's put an * besides that claim.

Shadows are noisy, no matter the sensor.

It just happens these sensors are less noisy, but no matter how you cut it, there're tons of noise in shadows from any sensor regardless of gen, tech, etc.

Lifting shadow is impressive, but it ends up a noise fest no matter the tech.

I know this looks like a post from 2012, but like everyone else I've been shooting cameras with high DR, and there's no substitute for feeding the sensor tons of light.

For absolutely noiseless files, nothing can compete with overexposing and bringing down exposure in PP.

I haven't been able to part with my S5 and probably never will but I should take it out for fun again, its' been too long. I've got a lot of great memories and photos from that camera.

Just for fun, it's in the who cares territory, but here's a comparison between P40+ and D800.

Exposure as shot:

Blown out on purpose, to check the extreme limits of recovery.

- 3.5 stops in post.

D800 file is completely destroyed, yet the digital back still pulls some color and information in the sky,

Usually conventional design Bayer sensors don't differ much in that regard, but the P40+ is for sure the closest I've ever seen to the S5 in HL recovery.

This is an extreme example, but with proper exposures, it feels you simply can't blow out an image with this back.

Very similar to the feeling you get with an S5.

Best regards,
Marcio Napoli

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