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Sounds very similar to a rig I built in January, based on good advice I got here.  I'm still pleased with it.

I got a 1TB m.2 drive and used it for the OS (Windows 10).

I got a 2 TB SATA SSD drive and used it for drive D, my working drive.   I have redirected downloads, pictures, and some other Windows defaults to this drive, and I do pretty much all my photo post-processing here.

I already had a 4TB SATA HDD - but it was full of photos last year and couldn't hold more.  At that point I was on the end of a long chain of hard drive upgrades, getting progressively larger and inevitably filling up.   I use the 4TB drive as a E drive now, and it's dedicated to holding my photos.  I offloaded videos and other stuff to make space.

To solve my storage and backup issues, I built - at a pretty good expense of $1800 - a QNAP NAS with 27TB of RAID5 storage.  I back THAT up to 6TB in an existing NAS, until it fills.   The QNAP is primary storage for some types of files, including videos.   So I still need other backup, but for now I have lots and lots of free space.

I've also got a laptop and two other desktops that have SSD boot drives and 1TB or larger HDD's.    The laptop only has 128GB for its boot drive, but it is working fine, as long as I save to the 1TB hard drive.   Same with the desktops, though they tend to have plenty of space for the OS at 500GB.

The trick is to change some windows defaults to redirect downloads and the like to the hdd.

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