To South Africa.. "1 more lens" or "nothing".. Please advise..

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Kent Ekasak
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To South Africa.. "1 more lens" or "nothing".. Please advise..

Hi.. Advise needed please..

* * Plan * *

I had wonderful trip to South Africa with my wife back in 2004, and will go back in April 2020 with 2 young kids..

I have full 12 days, skip all town/cities, and plan for game drive in 5 malaria-free and less-dust locations:

Botlierskop (Private), Amakhala or Kwantu (Private), Mountain Zebra National Park, Addo Elephant National Park, and Pilanesberg Game Reserve

* * Gear * *

Now I have two GX9s, and have only 2 "long" lens 12-60/2.8-4.0 and 75/1.8.. I have no problem to shoot 10mp image with 1.4x crop (Exe Tele Conv) if ISO<800, so the longest reach of 2 lens become 84mm and 105mm respectively.. Never try digital zoom option..

From my memory, animals were sometimes quite close to the vehicles.. And most of the day game drive were in the good light..

Now, I am thinking what would be the 2 lens choices if I take 2 camera bodies on safari..

From what I have :

12-60/2.8-4.0 (when animals come close) and 75/1.8 for day safari

and 25/1.4 + 75/1.8 for night safari

or should I get "1 more lens", but which one and what would be a good 2-body-2-lens combo..

* * The combo * *

The combo may look like:

(a) Do nothing but limited reach : 12-60/2.8-4.0 and 75/1.8.. I will miss all faraway animals..

(b) One long zoom and one bright prime : 14-140/3.5-5.6 II and 75/1.8..

(c) All zoom : 12-60/2.8-4.0 and 45-175/5.6 or 45-200/5.6 II..

(d) else


- Because this is a family trip, I still prefer light/small option for logistic reasons.. I have limited space on luggage.. (besides 2 camera bodies and 4-5 lens, there are drone, OSMO Pocket, TG-6, tripods and etc)..

- I rarely have any chance to use long telephoto lens on normal basis, except for trip like this, which may be once or twice a year (upcoming chance may be Yellow Stone in June 2020), so I don't want to invest $$ in long tele lens.. The reason I put Leica 50-200 in the mix, just in case they have crazy discount at year end (I love the color, but it's less likely option due to size/weight/price factors)..

- Excluded lens options (for now): 12-100 (I already have 12-60 and 75), 12-200 (too slow and very soft at tele end), 40-150/2.8 (I'm thinking, but it's big), 100-300 (as big as Leica 50-200, but it's a good value now, US$500.. But I know for sure it will sit long in the dry cabinet after the trip..)

* * *

Your advises and suggestions are appreciated.. Thank you very much..

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