Exchange Sony A7R IV with GFX 50S?

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Re: That's not what DPReview concluded...

Velocity of Sound wrote:

If you read their "best landscape camera " showdown, the A7RIV is their top pick. The GFX 50S is listed in addition for consideration (listed third, behind the Canon EOS 5DS R, although I don't know that they ordered the list by strength of recommendation). The GFX 100 isn't listed. However, they had this to say:

If you look solely at the camera body, it's hard to justify the GFX 50S over its high-res full-frame peers because, while light, fast and capable by medium format standards, the image quality isn't significantly better than the smaller, lighter, faster and often cheaper rivals. However, the GF lenses make it easier to get full benefit from its 50MP, meaning it regularly delivers to its full capability.

I guess there's some discrepancy there with another series of articles that they wrote some months back, in which they concluded that larger sensors are superior. The conclusion is also a bit wishy-washy: they say image quality isn't significantly better, but that GF lenses regularly deliver "full capability." If that implies that Sony lenses aren't getting the full capability then it would seem to state that image quality is better.

I've never shot a Sony MILC, so I don't really know based on direct experience.

Just be careful of "Editorial" opinions. They "often" are shadowed by advertising dollars (if not direct Sony, or retailers like B&H) then simply having more content (especially with comments/forums) to drive readership/impressions - thus increasing the pricing for ad space.

Having said that, I too have owned all the Sony A-7 bodies through the III's - Perfectly fine camera system. Personally, for the cost of investing just the Sony body, you can pickup a second hand GFX or do your trade back. In the long run its all one system investment. No having to double up on lenses or carry two systems for backup.

That being said, depending on the type of photography you do, the Sony system may be complementary to the GFX.

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