"Unsupported Library" cannot open my photos stored on an external drive

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Re: "Unsupported Library" cannot open my photos stored on an external drive

This is the kind of consequence that happens when one takes "a blind leap of faith" forward into a new version of the OS (and one that represents MAJOR change) without considering the implications beforehand.

You didn't know beforehand that Catalina won't run 32 bit software, and that your old Office 2011 wouldn't run under it? Apple has been warning us for TWO YEARS that Catalina would "break" 32 bit software.

Are you telling us that your ONLY library is on that one external drive?
Don't you have a backup around someplace?
What if your external drive FAILS?
Where will your 166gb of pics be then?

IF you didn't mung up the backup during the aborted attempt at Catalina, I'd suggest taking the backup, and seeing if you could make something out of that.

Otherwise, you can try what others have suggested, that is, installing Catalina on an external drive, then uploading the ENTIRE LIBRARY to iCloud, then downloading it to your Mojave install and see if that works.

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