My M50 has new Godox wireless flash buddies!

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Re: My M50 has new Godox wireless flash buddies!

Casey Cheung wrote:

Alexis wrote:

Not sure if this has been answered but does your Godox trigger emit focus assist beam? As you are aware mirrorless cameras do not support the AF assist light on external flashguns which is a deal breaker for wedding parties where you need to shoot in very dark rooms and/or if you are shooting overhead the AF light is always a great way to know where you are pointing!.

Well Alexis, it's your lucky day cuz I have an answer for you! My Godox TT685c flash does not emit an AF assist beam out of the flash in low light. Either it cannot do this cuz of the M50 mirrorless body or I didn't bother to spend 10 hours trouble shooting for a definitive answer. Maybe there is a way, I just don't know it and I gave up trying.

Hi Casey,

The issue of mirrorless cameras not emitting the AF assist light has been covered by myself and others on your thread - it is not a fault of the M50 or any of the other M cameras or your Godox flashes - I have 3 Canon flashes and 1 Phottix with AF assist that work fine on my Canon 5DIII, 50D, 6D but DO NOT work on ANY Canon mirrorless camera. This "problem" exists on Sony mirrorless cameras as well.

The reason I gave up trying is cuz I bought a new Canon 90D body yesterday, and on the first try of slapping on the same flash to the 90D hotshoe, lo and behold, a red beam of AF light emitted out of the flash! I was shocked! So yes, the Godox 685 flash does emit an AF assist beam in low light, just not on my M50 camera but it works on my 90D non-mirrorless body. I like it so much, I'm tempted to buy a second 685 flash!

The question was not whether the Godox 685 emits the AF beam - that I am sure it does just like my Canon and Phottix flashguns do! The question related to your X2T transmitter - I have seen elsewhere on the internet how people are getting around the issue of not being able to focus in near dark situations like at the wedding reception/party where often it will be totally dark except for the DJs lights, by using the AF beam that apparently the X2T emits regardless of whether it sits on a mirrorless camera or a D-SLR. If this is the case then this gives me hope of being able to use the M50/M6II for weddings or similar events.

Plus the flash works for getting triggered wirelessly by my Godox X2T transmitter. And yes (improper grammar starting a new sentence with the word and), I habitually used AF assist beam when I shot weddings for 20 years and it was a lifesaver. Check back on all my old posts dating back to year 2000 and you will see my numerous posts related to shooting weddings and events. I even fried a couple Nikon speedlights from fast shooting with my old Quantum Turbo battery packs. I have a bad habit of abusing my flashes haha.

Likewise - at the wedding after dinner party I have shot 1000s of images where I hold the camera above my head and point to the direction that I want to shoot and I am guided by the characteristic red stripe beam to know exactly where/who I am shooting. If the X2T emits AF beam then I could use it to focus and to trigger a Godox flash on a remote stand or even a Godox mounted on the X2T.

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