Dropped gx8 + oly 9-18 onto concrete !

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Re: I dropped my E-M5 with Oly 9-18mm a couple years ago

I know the feeling. I was sightseeing with my family and grandparents. I handed my E-M5 with 9-18mm to a family member so they could take a photo of my family in front of a fountain. As the camera was being handed back to me, somehow my 5-year-old took off and got tangled in the strap. The camera and lens hit the concrete very hard. The LCD on the back of the E-M5 cracked and no longer works, but otherwise the camera functions just fine (you just have to use the EVF for everything... which gets a bit tricky when going into the menu system).

I was pretty sure the 9-18mm was toast. It's such a lightweight and plasticky lens. Part of the lens hood mount did crack and break off, and the action when you collapse the lens for storage (or extend it for use) is a bit stiff. To my suprise the lens is still optically just fine. I thought for sure there would be issues focusing or with sharpness, but it's totally fine. The lens itself avoided scratches somehow (the shallow lens hood absorbed the blow but managed to protect the lens element).

I now have the E-M1 Mark II, but I still use my E-M5 as a second camera. I never paid to have the LCD replaced because of the age of the camera at the time. I might send the 9-18mm in for repair one of these days, but the repair would be costly and the lens works just fine.

Overall I was surprised at how well the gear survived. Maybe the lighter it is, the softer it falls?   My E-M1.2 and 12-40/40-150 f/2.8 zooms are heavier... but also heavier duty in terms of build. Anyway... let's hope neither of us has to do anymore drop tests!

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