Switching from Nikon to the Fuji XT30

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Re: Switching from Nikon to the Fuji XT30

Tapper123 wrote:

kierenlon wrote:

I love having on camera flash. I use off camera flash but I sometimes like the stark look of on camera flash. It's also a good safety net for shooting backlit subjects. I also like that it has HSS and hot-shoe.

I have an X100F and love the built-in flash. Works brilliantly with the leaf shutter.

I know "pro" bodies almost never have a built-in flash, and it's too bad. They can be quite useful, and very convenient. Oh well.

The built-in flash saved me quite a few times. For example, I need to take a shot of my family at the table at a Hibachi, I used my phone screen in front of the flash to bounce the flash to the low ceiling, very nice diffused flash, and my phone is always with me as a deflector

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