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Re: Sunrise, familiar view

I don't usually worry about resizing Rich as I only resize when posting panos that will not otherwise upload to the gallery in dpr.  I just alter the jpg compression until the image size is around 3 MB and upload that jpg.  While I don't really want anyone to 'steal' my images as I still want to retain the right to copywrite protection if they download it and use it I am not going to lose any sleep over it.  In fact if any one really wants one all they have to do is ask and I will likely send them an uncompressed jpg.

However, I do resize sometimes when doing composites so that is something I will have to keep in mind when I do that so thanks for the heads up.

So you did it!  I hope it is every thing you are hoping it is Rich.  I was unimpressed with the reviews I read but expecting a 12 - 200 to be equal to a 12 - 40 is unreasonable so it just is not for me, YET!  I may get there though sooner than expected!  When we did the cruise in the spring I only took the 12 - 100, the Panasonic 20 mm f/1.7, and the Bower 7.5 mm FE.  So anything longer than 100 mm was not going to happen.  I did not even take the 40 - 150 plastic kit lens which weighs pretty much nothing.

The bathroom vanity, all 72 inches of it, arrived this morning with its 1.5 inch thick (did not measure, could be a bit more) quartz top with two sinks attached along with a couple of trim pieces.  I thought the guys bringing it in the front door were going to have the big one.  The younger guy is 41 and I am guessing the older guy was 50 or more.  That top weighed way more than they ought to have been lifting!  The shower also came.  Glass doors 60 x 72 ish are not light either nor is the wall material that is some sort of polymer printed and embossed to look like marble.  Not sure what I was thinking when we ordered this stuff.  I am not 30 any longer.  Twenty years ago all this would have been a lot less problematic than I think it going to turn out to be.  At 72 I don't have a lot of young friends to ask to come and give me a hand when the heavy lifting is needed.  I think some sleepless nights are in store!  Maybe I can do the deconstruction and start the install getting the walls ready (plumb and level) and install the shower base.  If I time it right I can get son number two the give me a hand with the rear shower wall.  The sides are half the size roughly and I think I can manage them myself.  Some drywall replacement around the shower then call in the floor people because I can not lay tile anymore since I can not kneel.  I will try and remember to take a bunch of images along the way and document the process.  If I ever finish, I will post them!


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