Open-Box/New Nikon Z 85mm F1.8 S (adorama)

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Re: Why are the Z lenses so humongous for what they are?


What can this do that the excellent 85 1.8G cannot do? (i'm sure it has better optical properties, but at more than 200% increase in price and the huge size compared to the G version?)

is it that much better to justify the price and size?

It depends on what's important to you. For many people, the 1.8G is perfectly adequate because what they do doesn't excite the weaknesses in that lens, and that's not a putdown of those people: different subject matter will cause different things in lenses to show up. That said, the 1.8G has more flare, more chromatic aberration, and crunchier bokeh, all of which are visible at normal viewing sizes. Its AF speed is also leisurely (and noisy if you're using it for video).

On my F-mount cameras, I use the Tamron 85 rather than the 1.8G because of these and other issues.

For some people, the increased sharpness, contrast, and evenness of performance of the 85S is visible at normal viewing sizes. And for other people, the highlight response of the 85S is pretty darn unique.

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