K-5 + lenses, give away, sell, keep some lenses?

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K-5 + lenses, give away, sell, keep some lenses?

For many years the Pentax K-5 was my main camera (it generated v.healthy print sales for me) and I still have more lenses for it than subsequent cameras I bought.

I haven't been able to let it go, I love it so much! - but as it's been sat in a drawer for the past year I think I should hand it on to someone who would use it.

If I sell it all individually (ebay), BTW everything is totally totally mint - not a single scratch, scuff or any wear, I'm reckoning on...

Body :

£160 K-5 (shutter-count 31209)

Lenses :

£150 DA 17-70mm

£160 DA 55-300mm

£80 DA 35mm

£250 DA 35mm ‘Limited’ Macro

£200 DA 15mm ‘Limited’



but it might not all sell, and then there's postage hassle, insurance, time, etc, somehow I feel that £1000 would realistically be 1/2 that, after all the time I spend photographing everything from every angle, probably days and days of 'work'.

So do I just give it away to friend? - help the universe that way.

Then I'm also sorely tempted to keep the two Limited lenses! - for when the next Pentax APS-C emerges. Here in the UK new stock of the K-3 II has dried up, so I'd expect something is pending in the next few months.

What to do?

BTW I'm now using -

GH5 for 80% video 20% stills (has at least a stop more noise than the K-5 but maybe slightly more detail),

GFX 50S for stills (heavy but lots of image goodness),

both are EVF cameras, I miss OVF - hence a longing for a new, not too large, OVF Pentax APS-C (around the 32MP mark).

What would you do, ...sell, give away, keep it all or some?

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