What Fuji camera to purchase with best JPEG?

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Re: What Fuji camera to purchase with best JPEG?

Threaded wrote:

Interesting that people keep saying “any of the recent Fuji’s”.

I’ve owned and used Fuji’s of every generation, primarily for JPEG’s. XE1, X-Pro1, XE2, XT1, X-Pro2 (for the past couple of years) and now X-T3.

The other day I was kindly given an old XE1 from a friend and have been playing around with it alongside my XT3 (which I don’t consider to be particularly different to my X-Pro2 for IQ). I don’t know if it’s the white balance, lower res, or some other aspect of the colour science or processing, but for all its flaws I pretty much always prefer the look of the XE1’s images out of camera. I didn’t want it to be this way, but I think it is.

This is interesting observation.

Most of my best JPEG photos (some even printed in size of  30x40 cm ) were done with my old Olympus C-750 UZ (4 Mp only). Surely photographed in the  day light but colors are excellent.

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