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saskskier wrote:

So I currently have a 2010 MacBook Pro, which has served me (almost) flawlessly for the past ten years, but starting to show it's age and I'm thinking of moving to a PC desktop situation for editing at home.

I have a pretty limited budget, so I'm checking out the used market and have come across a few potential options. That said, what should I be looking for? I don't do any video editing or any gaming. Mostly use Lightroom, but want to dive deeper into Photoshop. I don't know a ton about computers (Mac or PC), but I do know my MacBook has 4gb of RAM, so I suspect almost anything will be an upgrade, still not entirely sure what I should be looking for.

Would something along these lines be worth checking out?

AMD Athlon 2 Quad Core 640 Processor
32 GB DDR3 memory
128GB solid state hard drive
Two 500 GB hard disk drives
Radeon HD5850 1GB DDR5 Video Card
Dlink XtremeN wireless card
Fresh install of Windows 10 Pro activated with all updates installed


Obviously I would still need to pick up a half decent monitor, but would this be a decent start?


if possible I would look for a faster/newer CPU (search for <cpu 1> vs <cpu 2> and look for benchmark comparisons) at the trade off of less ram and maybe foregoing a dedicated graphics card. The old Athlon CPU indicates the overall machine is old and possibly will have driver-related issues or even age-related physical failures (fans wearing out, for example). Do get an SSD if you care about how quickly data and programs load, although once loaded the SSD doesn’t make a big difference. As another poster suggested, castaway enterprise hardware is a good value - those machines are built to last.

There’s a satisfaction in finding a good budget computer that’s still reasonable fast - good luck!

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