Exchange Sony A7R IV with GFX 50S?

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Re: That's not what DPReview concluded...

Velocity of Sound wrote:

If you read their "best landscape camera " showdown, the A7RIV is their top pick. The GFX 50S is listed in addition for consideration (listed third, behind the Canon EOS 5DS R, although I don't know that they ordered the list by strength of recommendation). The GFX 100 isn't listed. However, they had this to say:

If you look solely at the camera body, it's hard to justify the GFX 50S over its high-res full-frame peers because, while light, fast and capable by medium format standards, the image quality isn't significantly better than the smaller, lighter, faster and often cheaper rivals. However, the GF lenses make it easier to get full benefit from its 50MP, meaning it regularly delivers to its full capability.

I guess there's some discrepancy there with another series of articles that they wrote some months back, in which they concluded that larger sensors are superior. The conclusion is also a bit wishy-washy: they say image quality isn't significantly better, but that GF lenses regularly deliver "full capability." If that implies that Sony lenses aren't getting the full capability then it would seem to state that image quality is better.

I've never shot a Sony MILC, so I don't really know based on direct experience.

There have been many of us following very closely the general DPR editorial attitude on MF - mainly GFX and the new Hassy 50 MP (same sensor).  It was heavily biased and had a negative tone when GFX came out and the 50s/r were not well received.  DPR repeatedly insisted that the IQ was not better than high res FF (especially Sony and Nikon) and they did it consistently in both articles and OP postings, and in more subtle ways.  If you did not agree with that opinion, it could get you in trouble fast.

Then the GFX 100 hit and RB gave it a very fair and professional review and the DPR general editorial tone seemed to shift a bit, although RB actually said that he was sticking with his guns on the 50s/r.  He said that on the GFX review thread in response to me saying he did a great job on that GFX 100 review (and all of his latest reviews on all cameras, which are really good work).

Now this article hits and the DPR attitude is very obvious.  It is justifiable.  It is their opinion.  I get the impression that they still look at GFX and Hassy as niche.  Maybe it is.

One can call it bias if one wants, but it is basically just DPR saying that the 50 MP MF has no better IQ than high-res Sony FF, and that the FF option is far more versatile, while still paying homage to the great GFX 100, which is not obtainable for most of their audience.

Something along those lines....  But many of us who shoot MF do see a big difference in the IQ results of MF vs high-res FF, so we might not agree with the DPR conclusion.

So the only point of contention remains any discussion of the MF Look, which is verboten on DPR, and also the fact that many of us MF shooters do see a significant difference between Fuji/Hassy 50 MP MF IQ and high res FF.  I see it.  But I can't prove it. It is just an opinion based on a lot of shooting which then in turn drives future camera purchasing decisions and systems decisions and leanings.

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