Z Adapter for Older AF Nikkors?

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Re: Z Adapter for Older AF Nikkors?

Yet another thread on querying the FTZ-Gap in S'driver compatibility   More  links herehttps://www.dpreview.com/forums/post/63208742

Yes, I follow all the reviews in Nikon Owners Mag , and have archived almost all of them. As with Simon Stafford, Becky D knows her subject.

The pre-AI population must be minor, and most models are simple to convert to AI. The numbers of these respective lens must be trivial, actually... When we consider the huge numbers including some excellent AFD and earlier s'driven Nikkors.  And add EXIF reading of the aperture setting as part and parcel of a FTZd Adapter

Many of us want to shoot their lenses AND a significant number will pay for a FTZd, especially to word on a Z6 and now Z50. One more Z product they can sell.

Nikon need to treat their loyal clients with due respect, and above all listen. A detailed memo formally submitted some months back on the FTZ Gap was treated in traditional silence. The inaugural step will be to drop the stuffy traditions and be far more open in acknowledging gaps and needs....

In these times, Nikon they cannot afford to jettison loyal users. In this shrinking ILC market, volumes have dropped in consumer sales but diversity in FX is swelling. Major changes in options in the past year or 2 are making switching that much easier ie keep existing optics on a new mount. The L-Mount Alliance is one elephant in the room. The AF systems will improve in not only Leica but more the affordable Pany MILCs.

A fully functional F-to-L mount adapter will shake up the landscape. A good reason is Sigma are unlikely to bother chasing the firmware shifts even if they do crack the Z-Nikon AF. They already have their EM adapter (Canon and Sony): unlikely to be the last product.

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