Sadhu in Varanasi images - 56/1.2 & 35/1.4

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Re: with Money

deednets wrote:

b0k3h wrote:

i didnt see or say that they approached people, but anyone snapping a picture in their direction, they surely stuck an open palm out. and most everyone understood the exchange and complied.

the ones around the touristed temple areas, i saw posted and choreographed by tourist-photographers (as in a 10 minute session of gesturing of 'sit here - look there'). it got farcical at the end.

so back to the guys question and worry about "how to get permission', the answer in this case is that its a simple dialogue, non-verbal even. tit-for-tat and brusque

Ah yes I see. That is not how I work e.g. "snapping" towards somebody and then wait for them to ask for payment. I am far from desperate for shots and often leave my camera untouched.

I guess we have some differences here and that is ok with me regarding what comes across a somewhat cynical approach. I could be wrong. You are the capacity here regarding all things India. And guess people will read your opinions well above mine. I have also traveled to India regularly since 1988 but I am nowhere near your experience, so call me a novice still blissfully ignorant as to how things work "over there" ...

Simply don't share your insights as far more correct than mine they might be.


i didnt call you anything -- whether desperate or novice -- nor did i boast about my capacity nor make comparative statements about our experiences.

i am however perplexed why you posture this victim complex, and am thus inclined to call you paranoid.

clearly, i did not even address you.  if you reread the dialogue, i answered to a self-confessed introvert asking how to get permission for such portraits of sadhus.  you dont have to like the experiences i shared, but how you take that opinion as belittling of your character is a tad overboard.

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