Exchange Sony A7R IV with GFX 50S?

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Re: Exchange Sony A7R IV with GFX 50S?

I have GFX 100 with A7r IV ( and Z7 if that matter ).

I used to have 50S before GFX100 came out. Basically, I would not

trade A7r IV or Z7 for a 50S when I have GFX100 for sure.

Basically, I think it would be painful to carry both GFX100 and 50S at the same time.

I personally think that either A7r IV or Z7 will complement GFX100 better as it offer smaller and lighter package than 50S. I use A7r IV a lot with small manual lenses ( don't really like GM lenses much, too big, too heavy for small body often ). I was recently on a trip to Tokyo and was carrying GFX100 and A7r IV with a few GFX lenses and a few manual lenses and the weight is just about the limit of what I can carry. I can't imagine

carrying both 50s and GFX100 with GF lenses mounted on both. It won't be fun when I will be on my feet the whole day.

Also as good as GFX100 is, its AF is still quite a bit behind both A7r IV and Z7 so there will be time when either will be more useful than another big, slow AF camera.

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