What Fuji camera to purchase with best JPEG?

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Re: What Fuji camera to purchase with best JPEG?

AshleyMC wrote:

Easy: Any of the recent ones: X-T2, X-T3, X-T20, X-T30, X-Pro2, X-E3, X-H1...

Even the small and inexpensive X-T100 that I like so much. I also use X-Pro2 and X-E3.

I shoot Raw + Fine JPG. In most cases, I either use the OOC JPG images “as is” or apply minor edits to them. The Raw files are there for me to do full post-processing on some rare cases where the images are so special to me that I want to edit in detail.

So, the question should rather be based around your preferred genre of photography and style of camera body, on top of your budget.

Speaking of budget, you should carefully consider and acquire a number of lenses. These will determine the “best” quality of your images for certain scenarios.

Good luck!

Thanks a lot for your comment.

X-T30 is first of my options list as recent one and with good list of features (I am looking at kit with 18-55 OIS lens).

After that I will add more lenses if needed.

My exact intention is to continue shoot RAW+JPEG (as you do) and go to the RAW post processing in a "rare" cases.

BTW, now I need to process about 25% of my shoots while 75% looks good enough coming as JPEG from my Nikons.

But I need to deal with every single photo - they are shoot under different  conditions and can't be proceeded as a batch.

So if I will be able to get 90% good JPEGs with Fuji -it will be great.

I see that this Forum members have more than one Fuji bodies.

Possibly I will add another one in the future- when my experience with Fiji camera will show how this one fits my needs.

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