What Fuji camera to purchase with best JPEG?

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Re: XT-30

Doug MacMillan wrote:

This will be a fine choice. It will have at least as good a JPEG image quality as the rest of the Fuji line.

Fuji film simulations are wonderful. You can select the right film simulation for the subject at hand. Also, Fuji allows you to really control the look of each film simulation by adjusting the highlight, shadow and color settings. You can also adjust other parameters, such as sharpness.

I shoot JPEG +RAW, but with all the film simulations and adjustments, I'm happy 80% of the time with just the JPEGs I get. The RAW files are easy to work with in post processing for those times you need to lift shadows are do more extensive editing.

Thank you!

This kind of "all the film simulations and adjustments" is a functionality which I am looking for and a reason to get into Fuji system.

Best regards!

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