90D: How to change setting to start video using shutter release button?

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Re: 90D: It works - Thank you!!!!!

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Can someone kindly give me the quick cheat tip on how to change the setting to start/stop shooting videos using the primary shutter release button instead of the "Start Stop" button to the right of the viewfinder? I'm trying to shoot video in selfie mode with LCD screen flipped outwards and lens pointing at me. It's pretty much impossible to press the tiny start/stop button at the back of the body. Thank you much!!

Yellow Wrench Option item 4

"Shutter btn function for Movies"

Here you can set half-press / fully press

If you set half press to meter + one shot AF which is ideal sometimes the video will not start recording if it can't focus. Not good for vlogging.

YES, that works!!! There is another menu below for "Fully-press" and change from "No function" to "Start/stop mov rec". This works perfectly to start/stop movies when pressing the shutter release button "all the way down".

I was so frustrated by this! Thank you!!!!

Thanks you for bringing that to my attention. I searched threw the manual and didn't find anything. I guess I flat out missed it ;(

I will be more careful answering in the future

No worries, thank you for everyone's effort!

I already feel welcomed to this 90D forum with useful help!

Just got my new 90D today from Best Buy store. I was dissatisfied with the limitations of the M50 camera, especially for shooting videos (ie: No dual pixel AF in 4k video shooting, Additional 1.6x crop in 4k video, No headphone out port, No live audio monitoring). Maybe other limitations too on the M50 camera, but these are the biggies.

Can't wait to start shooting with my new 90D! So far, I only have the cheapie 28mm f2.8 and 50 f1.8 lenses, nothing to brag about, but it will satisfy at least 70 percent of my shooting style. I used to have a large array of fast f2.8 zooms, but alas, that was for my old Nikon gear which I sold years ago.

I also have a slew of new Godox studio flash products that I will be using on the 90D body (previously used on my M50). These Godox items include: Godox AD200Pro flash (with bunch of light modifier accessories), Godox X2T remote transmitter, Godox TT685c flash, Godox SL-60W LED video light, Godox 24" softbox, plus a Phottix Raja 26" Octagon softbox.

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