90D: How to change setting to start video using shutter release button?

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Re: 90D: How to change setting to start video using shutter release button?

Deruch0331 wrote:

I don't believe you can re-a-sign the start/stop function to the shutter release button on the 90D. Good news is you can use the cheap Remote Control RC-6 to start and stop video.

You can get a copy of the RC-6 off of Amazon for very little money and then you can use it for video by following these directions for the remote.


Thank you for your reply. But no way, you serious? On my Canon M50, I'm able to re-assign the tiny red video record button to the primary shutter release button to start/stop videos for shooting selfie videos. So I thought it must be possible to do the same on the 90D body.

Well, I'm guessing you must be correct, cuz I just spent the past hour pouring through the 600 page manual and couldn't find anything for re-assigning the "Start Stop" button. So I figured out how to improvise by cradling the 90D on my left palm, then using my left middle finger to press the Start/Stop button on the back of the body. Can anyone else think of a better method while handholding?

Also, thanks for your suggestion on using a remote controller. I already have the Canon BR-E1 remote control for my M50 camera, which works great. Looks like I'll be using the same BR-E1 remote for my 90D now!

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