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Re: New Computer setup

TimothyW1960 wrote:

I am getting a new computer after things finally slowed to a crawl with the addition of Premiere Pro.

Intel Core i9 9900 5.0 Ghz

WD Black 6 TB HD

m.2 Samsung 970 EVO Plus 500GB SSD

Samsung QVO 860 1 TB SSD


Quaddro P2000 Video Card

Given these parts some suggestions on how best to set up to take advantage of the drives and their speeds. I use Photoshop CC, Premiere, and also my CAD program Key Creator V 19, although Key Creator is very friendly on systems. I can probably figure it out but figure I will get better advice here.

Also advice on storing media on External HD's I suspect most here have everything backed up on external HD's, but does accessing files from external HD's slow down processing, or once opened do they run from an internal drive.

A few thoughts:

  • Use the m.2 970 EVO for C: drive only (Windows and program installs). Don't store any working data on it. This will keep data easier to backup and keep C: drive cleaner.
  • The other 1TB SSD would be a 'working drive' for stuff you're actively working on. Move them to the HDD when you are done and they are basically 'archived' on your system. This is the best way to manage the limited fast storage.
  • Backup the 1TB working drive to the HDD so you have redundancy.  Many free backup utilities make this an easy task.
  • Ditch the Samsung QVO drive and get a Samsung EVO, Crucial MX500, or a Sandisk 3D Ultra instead. Same price if not cheaper and all are much better performers with greater endurance. The QVO drives are not well regarded. Or even get a second NVMe drive instead of the SATA drive, the price difference is minimal.  Most new MOBOs have at least two m.2 slots these days.
  • Just get a large external HDD for your data backup. Preferably two: one at the PC and one you keep offsite, back it up monthly at minimum. If disaster strikes (like your house burns down), your data is safe in another place. Cloud storage is another option.
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