A few things I didn't know and now love, before buying the EOS r.

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A few things I didn't know and now love, before buying the EOS r.

Things I didn't realize before I bought the R.

1. No lens or camera micro adjustments!  Saved so much time!

2. With eye detect, my keepers are close to 100%.  That tiny difference with no mirror makes my life much happier.

3.  I don't miss the 6-7 fps in servo.  I would mash the trigger and spray and pray for birds in flight.  I managed to keep many shots and became much more skilled with my DSLR's.  I was sad to enable servo and hear the slowness.  But to my surprise, I somehow ended up with more in-focus keepers and sharp ones at that.  Not much different with fps, but many more keeps.  Maybe a 7dmkII, 1DXIII, or new 90D and M6mkII (curious about this new one as to the unrealized gains mentioned above.)

4. Digital zoom when focusing on something very far away? I never knew this existed...but my focus point is a rather large box compared to my 80D and 6DmkII.  Still learning the new features. Hoping I find a smaller selection.

5.  I actually like the touch bar.  I never hit it, and I have it set to the 2sec delay thingy.  I also reprogrammed it to do stuff that won't mess up a photo if I were to accidentally hit it.

6. EOS R to EF Adapter with the ring.  I love the ring!  Super useful.  Currently set to ISO.

7.  The manual focus assist.  Holy crap do I love this.  The stuff outlined in red is amazing.

8. Wireless tethering.  Not super fast here, but very easy.

9. No GPS, but it uses my phone easily.  Wish I didn't need to start the Canon app before I go out to shoot, but I'm getting used to it.

10. The LCD is much better than my 80D and 6DmkII. To include moving the focus point with my nose or finger is really useful.

11. DOF and exposure previews.  I know what I'm gonna get with an 85mm 1.4, but it's nice to see it.  Sometimes when I need everyones eyes in a group photo in focus and just want to spin the aperture and see it first.  Nice.

I have a list of things I don't like as well and will update this list eventually....maybe...:P

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