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The Ugly:

1-100. The autofocus. OMG. (ver 1.30 btw). What a suckfest. Ok it works fine in bright sunlight. But anything less so and fugghedaboudit. It's ridiculous. I mean you line everybody up in the bar/restaurant to take a group shot and the lens hunts in and out and gives up and your cousin cracks on you like 'dude i thought you were some kind of great photographer! My iphone is better than that!'.

And don't even think about evening night street photography: Girl i'm trying to do a quick sneaky snap on ...'uh do you want me to stand still for you so you can get your shot?' what a total freaking embarrassment. This is a 2018 product, pentax, and you're charging $800 for this mess!!! ( i got mine used for $660). Absolutely shameful.

So, if you used snap focus, it would be a great camera?

The camera focuses great during the day, so snap focus not necessary. The problem is at night. I don't think snap focus is an option at night due to large aperture requirement and resultant shallow dof. I could be wrong though. Honestly I've struggled trying to adapt snap focus with small apertures (F8) so I never even attempted low light snap focus at 2.8

With snap focus set to 2.5 meters (@f2.8), the depth of field extends from about 2 meters to 4.5 meters (about 6 feet - 15 feet). This is a very easy range to guage by eye. At other f-stops the dof gets better and easier to estimate by eye. So yes this is an easy way to shoot if the autofocus is not meeting expectations. Personally, I find the focus system works just fine in most all the situations I need to use it. ---jb.

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