Brad Hill's recent thoughts on the Nikon 180-400 f4E TC lens

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Brad Hill's recent thoughts on the Nikon 180-400 f4E TC lens

I trust that Brad Hill won't mind me mentioning that he just posted a few days ago his current feelings about the (revolutionary) (very expensive) Nikon 180-400 f4E lens that has the built in teleconverter.

What may surprise you is that he likes this lens enough and considers it revolutionary enough and useful enough for him that he's sold his legendary 400 2.8E and is going to sell his Sigma Sport 500mm f4 and his Nikon 300mm f4 PF !!!!

Of course, the very high price of this lens puts it out of reach of most photographers, and, Brad notes, it's almost close to twice the price of the lens it replaces, BUT - it may ALMOST seem like a deal when you consider that it can (sort of) replace up to 4 primes, such as the 300mm, 400mm 2.8, 500mm f4 and 600mm f4

Brad notes that the 180-400 lens has the distinction among zooms of being one of the very few zooms that is equal in performance to the VERY best of the super telephoto primes. (in the same way that the newest 70-200 2.8 - the E FL lens compares VERY well to primes in that zoom range)

So these are interesting times for photographers.  This last year or year and a half have seen revolutionary changes in lens technology with the 180-400 and the 500mm PF lenses.  I just sold my Nikon 500 f4 G lens for a fair price, and I was glad to not keep it much longer because prices on that lens will drop more in the next 6 months due to the 500 PF becoming readily available than they will ever drop during any other time.

But I will note, as many of you may recall me saying (complaining) here many times before - my satisfaction with the performance of this versatile lens when the teleconverter is engaged is lower than Brad's opinion of its performance.  (maybe that's because this lens is just SO GOOD at 400mm f4 that I find the images with the teleconverter turned on just so disappointing. 

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