What Fuji camera to purchase with best JPEG?

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Re: What Fuji camera to purchase with best JPEG?

Magic777 wrote:

Using both FX and DX Nikon cameras for last 15 years, I would like to add a Fuji system.

I am shooting RAW+JPEG.

With all my Nikon cameras ability to fine tune the images inside the camera and by using different Picture Controls etc, I still not able to get JPEGs which will be good enough (al least for my taste). Still need to proceed RAW files to get intended results.

Due some reasons I can't spend a hours against computer monitor and proceed my RAW files so I need to get a best JPEG imaged straight from the camera with no post-processing (or with as less as possible).

After reading some reviews and opinions on the forums I see that many people highly valuated Fuji cameras exactly for good quality JPEG photos.

So my question- what is the best Fuji body/lens to get good IQ photos straight from the camera?

Photography is my serious hobby and I intend to buy different Fuji lenses as well.

I am shooting a lot during travels (means landscapes and street photography) and some events.

Not interested in video.

Low weight and small size of camera are secondary. Most important is IQ of JPEG files SOOC.

User's practical recommendations will be highly appreciated.

PS. I put same question on the Forum "Camera...buying Advice" and got recommendation to ask directly on the Fuji X-System Forum

I think you’ll find that the IQ and handling of most all Fuji bodies is pretty consistent, and IMHO, quite good.  While my preference is to process RAWs (just a personal bias, plus I’ve always enjoyed darkroom work... digital or otherwise), there are tons of folks on this forum who shoot JPG and get stellar results.  One option you have is to continue shooting RAW+JPG, which gives you the best of both worlds.  For properly exposed images that don’t require any further post processing, then you can work directly with the JPGs and call it done.  However, as with shooting film and negatives, it’s nice to have the RAW files available for those times when additional processing or tweaking is required (RAW files have far more processing latitude than JPGs).  To your question on IQ, I’m not sure that the IQ differences you’ll see between various Fuji bodies are sufficient to strongly favor one vs. the other.  It’s more a matter of features, weight, handling, etc.

So, my recommendation is to pick a price point range that works and look at the options available in terms of camera size, controls, etc.  You’ll likely find at least one or two options that meet your criteria and at that point, perhaps a visit to a camera store or perhaps even a rental would be a good option to make a final decision.  You might also take into consideration features like stabilization (OIS) and decide how important that is.  It might be a factor in your lens choice, or possibly even a body choice, since one of Fuji’s bodies — the X-H1 — has in-body stabilization (IBIS), which stabilizes any lens that’s attached to the camera.  If that isn’t all that important to you, then the combination of size, price point, and features should lead you to a good solution for your needs.

If you end up needing some help in finalizing your choice once you’ve narrowed the field a bit, you’ll find plenty of expertise here.

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