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Bird Preflight Behavioral Examples

As people start taking flight photos they are often surprised by the takeoff. Most takeoffs can be predicted if you understand birds behaviour. In this example it's canada geese yet all birds exhibit this behaviour.

The photos were taken at the East Pond of Jamaica Bay National Wildlife here in New York City on a windy November afternoon. Unfortunately the wind was out of the east rather than the usual prevailing westerlies so when the birds fly into the wind to take off they were flying away from me as I was on the south west shore.

-1 The birds look up from there current activity. In the case of a flock you may observe follow the leader behaviour.

-2 For flocks, they may gather into there preferred flight pattern while on the ground or water. In this case it's the classic V shape that geese fly in.

-3 They turn into the wind. When this happens pay close attention, there probably going to fly. There might be a short delay of a minute or two.

-4 Blastoff! This is the second frame I captured of the blastoff, I like it better than the first.

-5 birds start there bank before they take off. Look at the lead birds on the left

-6 They are picking up speed getting ready to climb. Some birds do this incredibly fast. Canada geese are slow at this and swans the slowest.

-7 The climb continues, notice that some are starting to bank and turn

-8 A nice profile as they head south with the glow of the setting sun on them.


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