Custom WB Issue Sony a7 III (for video)

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Re: Custom WB Issue Sony a7 III (for video)

jonpais wrote:

So I use the custom WB along with an X-Rite Colorchecker and my skin tones are very magenta. At first, I thought it was the LUT I was using, but I went ahead and checked the RGB parade and vectorscope on my Shogun Inferno and the colors are indeed magenta/red, in fact the red channel is clipping or nearly so. On the other hand, in FCP X, the scopes don't look nearly as terrible. For lighting, I am using a Lishuai C-1500 RSV, a rather large LED light with a decent CRI rating of around 93, though we know that doesn't mean it doesn't have a magenta peak. Not really sure! Anyhow, what's unusual is that even though I have the LED set to daylight (5600K), my Sony continually registers 5000K when doing a WB. I'm attaching photos showing the settings on the LED, the X-Rite WB target and the back of the camera, along with screen grabs from the NLE. Is it just my natural skin tones? LOL Any help would be appreciated!

Cine2, SOOC

Cine2 with corrective LUT applied.

Cine2 with LUT applied, boosted saturation and pulled down shadows.

Lishuai C-1500RSV settings.

X-Rite Colorchecker.

Sony a7 III Custom WB

After setting WB.


First, great you provided detailled settings, that helps a lot!

LED lights can produce color shift on skin tones (and other colors), despite a "decent" CRI.
Their spectrum is full of dips and peaks, especially in the blue and red regions. "High quality" LED like Yugi LED are very expensive...and still not perfect.
CRI is a very limited measurement, TLCI (whisch is also impect) is sometimes also mentionned...

If the color shift that you have in "only" a skin tone shift towards magenta, this is extremely easy to fix in post. You can apply selective hue correction to skin tones until you get the hue you like.

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