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Dexter75 wrote:

The CIPA rating for the RP is 250 shots. I just did two shoots back to back in studio today. I took 1,523 shots and my battery indicator still has two bars showing. I could have easily put over 2k shots on this battery. How are these ratings done and how are they so incredibly wrong? I could see being off by 100 shots maybe, but 2k shots? Ive heard people in reviews say battery life is a concern on the RP as they mention it only takes 250 shots. They are clearly going by the specs and not actually testing it fully.

I'm not an expert at this matter but I think a lot of it has to do with how long you shoot it for and how much auto focus you try to do.

My first outing with RP couple weeks ago, I shot around 680 in about 2 hour span (excellent day at the beach) so eye-af was mostly spot on and didn't need much focus hunting. After that 2 hour span I still had full 3 bars. But in my experience with M50, it can go down to no bar very quickly. I was pretty much done for the day so I recharged it. I was also in ecco mode so power kept turning off while I wasn't shooting.

Today I went out and shot mostly indoor with poor lighting, where ISO 6400 was necessary. I could not get quick eye-af locked in many situations so I had to keep try to get it to focus. This obviously uses more battery. After little over 430 shots, I had 2 bars left. Then it died around 480. All of the shots were taken in about 4 hour span, and there were many times I try to shoot but could not get the shot off for number of reasons.

But I agree with you that some review should be done after the real world test to show how many shots it can actually take. I think CIPA rating is very conservative.

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