Some IR with the M5 - Oregon/Wallula Gap

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Some IR with the M5 - Oregon/Wallula Gap

I recently upgraded my IR camera by purchasing a used M5 and sent it in to get converted to IR (decided on 720nm). My end goal with IR is B&W so I opted not to go for a lower wavelength.

Anyways, I've been shooting with the camera for a while now and really think it does a good job (pretty decent upgrade over my original M IR camera). Processing the 720nm files is a bit different than the 665nm that I was used to but I'm coming along.

I continue to use the 15-45mm as my walk-around lens. I wish I could use the 18-55mm but it has a bad hotspot so I am stuck with the 15-45mm. Thankfully, the 11-22mm does not exhibit a hotspot so I at least have that lens available.

Today, I took a drive to Hat Rock State Park in Oregon. It had been foggy all morning where I lived and I was hoping the fog would break by the time I go to the park. Lucky for me, the fog parted about 2 miles away from the park and I had mostly clear skies.

So I walked around the park and fired off a few images. Nothing spectacular but it's always nice to try and challenge myself to find compositions. Here's a few shots I took.

Hat Rock

You can read some history about the area here:

So after I was done here I headed back to the fog. It was noon at this point and still really foggy. I contemplated going on a hike and ultimately decided to stop and do it. The hike is located in the Wallula Gap near the southeast border of Washington and Oregon. You can read about the history of the Wallula Gap here:

Overall the hike went pretty well. Even though it was completely foggy I had fun exploring. I saw hibernating balsam root all over, so I'm anxious to see what it looks like in the spring. I did take a few images in the fog but I think for the most part, my images lacked a subject so most were uninteresting. But a few I took during the hike are below.

Old Army Corps of Engineers survey marker from 1941. I just found it by dumb luck. You can read the data sheet on this marker here if you want:

This is definitely the keeper from the hike. I found it near the end and definitely let out a wow when I saw it.

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