Duplicate & Near-Same Photos

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Re: Duplicate & Near-Same Photos

garywc wrote:

The photos do not have all of these EXIF dates:

  • DateTimeOriginal
  • CreateDate
  • FileCreateDate
  • DateTaken
  • FileModifyDate
  • FileAccessDate
  • ModifyDate

so I don't know what date I should use to put the photos into chronological order.

Also, some of the duplicate photos have different names (somehow they got changed):

instead of the file-name being IMG_2551.JPG, IMG_2552.JPG, IMG_2553.JPG, etc

the file-names are $R3O8CVV.JPG, $RA2MEZZ.JPG, $RAQ2V7U.JPG, $RBMNWZ0.JPG, etc

All the more reason you should label the primary ones with a good DAM program and leave the duplicate and near duplicate ones alone. They are doing no harm taking up storage space on your hard drive which is so cheap. Use the DAM to search the primary ones for use.

If you have thousands of images so mixed up, trying to eliminate and delete the duplicate and near duplicate ones can be a thankless and useless task.

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