80D, M6 Mark II, or RP?

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Re: 80D, M6 Mark II, or RP?

I hope we can agree to respectively disagree.

As I stated, in my opinion, the R series of cameras is close to but not really ready for prime time.  By that I mean that they are not yet full replacements for DSLRs.  They will be in another generation or two, but not now.

Here is why.

I learned in the early 2000s with my first digital camera, a 3 Mp Canon P&S, that trying to use the LCD screen for composition in bright light simply doesn't work, and it still doesn't work with my 6 month old cell phone.

One solution to not being able to use the LCD for composition in bright light is to go back to using a black cloth draped over your head and the camera like they used to do with glass plate cameras.

A much better solution to composing an image in bright light is a viewfinder.

The M6 Mark II doesn't have a built-in viewfinder.

Canon apparently recognized that only using the camera's LCD isn't acceptable for composing images in some light levels so they also include an auxiliary electronic viewfinder that fits into the camera's hot-shoe with the camera.  This works for composition in all levels of light, but then you can't put a hot-shoe flash on the camera.

Indoors or outdoors I use a hot-shoe flash or a RF triggered off-camera flash much of the time.  I need that hot-shoe.

Holding the camera snug against my face with my elbows tucked in against my body stabilizes the camera to reduce camera shake.  Try doing that with a camera that relies on you holding the camera a foot in front of your face so you can use the camera's LCD for composition.

These are examples why, in my opinion, the R series of cameras is not yet a full replacement for DSLRs.

I do agree that the 90D is a better camera than the 80D, but the 80D is no slouch as a DSLR.

The OP is working with a limited budget and not a very good selection of lenses for general purpose photography.  That is why I suggest he buy an 80D kit with a general purpose 18-135mm kit lens.

If the OP can find a kit with the 90D and an 18-135mm kit lens that is within his budget then that would indeed be a better choice.

Compromise is always necessary when you are on a budget.  The OP needs to spend his money wisely to get the best camera that is within that budget, and I my opinion that is the 80D kit or a 90D kit if he can stretch his budget that far.  His next best option is a 6D, or a 6D II if the price is right.

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