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Re: Time to upgrade...

Saskier, Don't let yourself be intimidated by these guys suggesting high-end hardware. Decent photo editing can be done on a low-cost machine. Maybe not quite as low-cost as your initial post suggests, and I have to agree that the hardware you list there is overly dated, but still.

Something like an AMD Athlon 200GE-based system with integrated graphics, 8GB RAM and a 500GB SSD can be had in the $300-350 area and is still plenty fast for your purposes, MUCH faster than what you used so far. In fact, a 9th-gen Intel i7 won't be all that much faster, as the biggest contributor to performance these days is a decent SSD.  16GB RAM are better than 8GB, but 32GB is an overkill.

I strongly advise against buying a system that only has a HDD, though, as that would introduce a substantial performance bottleneck.

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