Inverted tripod clamp?

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Re: Inverted tripod clamp?

Ellis Vener wrote:

Seedeich wrote:

Ellis Vener wrote:

Handy little buggers, aren’t they? 👍🏻

Yup, I have a couple of them.

Superclamps can do the same, but they are a lot bigger and heavier.

Usually I think of Super Clamps / Mafer Clamps and Cardellini/ Mathellini clamps as being the base you attach to something to support something else and Nano clamps being used on the other end of the support for holding small things like that spoon.

It depends on what I want to support. Super Clamps can obviously support a lot more weight and they are compatible with 5/8” spigots.

But I use both clamps as base and front.

To slip a Nano Clamp with ballhead and flash adapter into a bag is very easy. I wouldn’t do that with a Super Clamp unless I need it.

Working with product development I’m used to reverse and lateral thinking. I’m also used to make pictures to communicate visually.

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