Duplicate & Near-Same Photos

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Re: Duplicate & Near-Same Photos

Doing this by hand would be an exhausting and error-prone task, taking a very long time.

If you can extract the EXIF data, and you (or someone you know or can hire) has some programming skills, you can:

  • extract all that data from each file
  • sort it all so that duplicates fall together

and then go through that list to find duplicates (even if they have different names).

That is not a difficult thing to do at all - and it could be automated to a lesser or greater degree.

It won't catch the near-dups, but in all likelihood, they fall nearby their 'cousins', which should help some.

More sophisticated (and maybe not possible on a PC) ...

there is now software that can do this based on the images themselves (think face recognition software, but for whole pictures).  Getty Images, and perhaps others, crawl the web looking for unlicensed copies of their images - and they find them in the most obscure places.

These work by turning the image into a digital fingerprint of some kind, and then comparing those.

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